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Everyone who starts shooting is logically interested first and foremost in the weapon and secondly in optics. Over time, as he gets more into it, he finds it hard to do without additional equipment.



In long-range shooting, the final result is literally millimeters. When performing tactical tasks, millimeters can decide on the life or death of comrades or protected persons. Absolutely essential condition for the intervention of the target is the stability of the weapon in aiming and firing.


How to achieve?

The problem of how to stabilize the gun, aim correctly and shoot accurately encountered anyone who has ever tried. In the beginning, the shooter usually puts the forearm of the rifle on a box, a coiled coat, or any other object he finds around. But soon they find out that stability is not so famous. Powerful riflescopes with high magnification are used on competition rifles, which means that all the movements and shakes multiply in your image, so you are not able to keep the crosshair exactly on the target. Forget about action movies, where the hero casually puts his rifle on a tree and sits a cross that doesn't move, right in the middle of his forehead. This is not how it really works, in practice the whole system shakes, the cross jumps on the target in all directions and your primary effort is to jump as little as possible.

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There are a plethora of different bags, stools and other gadgets on the market to keep the rifle still, but as far as popularity is concerned, a sniping bipod is clearly among the snipers. The reasons are obvious, bipod alias bipod increases the stability of the weapon and allows significantly more accurate shooting, is lightweight, storable, in the transport position does not increase the size of the weapon, you will not lose it, is always ready for immediate use. In addition, it acts as a stand, so you do not roll the rifle just on the ground and do not produce any other scratches, which you come anyway, whatever you do against it. From the physical point of view, the system consists of a triangular pyramid, the base of which consists of a triangle, where the front peaks are two legs and the back is supported by the shooter's shoulder (or an additional bag or so-called third leg). In principle, it is clear that if something is supported by three legs, it does not matter whether the surface is uneven or inclined, and the system will not wobble.

The most widespread shooters are Harris bipods or copies of them.

Harrisons are synonymous with bipods, they are simple, reliable and cheap, but they are mass production, which suffers from several imperfections, such as clearance between parts, archaic way of attaching to the gun, limited range of adjustment and not quite friendly way of locking. These facts did not sleep to specialized companies, who are tirelessly trying to develop better accessories for already perfect weapons. And one of these companies is the Czech company Tactical Evo based in Prague.

For shooters who are thinking about precise shooting at long distances really seriously prepared a new improved shooting bipod series TK3.

These bipeds are made of high quality aircraft aluminum 6082T6 on CNC machines by milling from solid material, which allows to maintain maximum production accuracy and minimum tolerances.

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The bipod surface treatment primarily pursues practical purposes such as corrosion protection and masking functions. The base is available in three colors (coyote, black, khaki) created using a highly resistant Cerakote color. On request we can supply any color variation from the official offer of Cerakote, it depends only on the imagination of the shooter.

Bipod is easily adjustable in all axes, allowing the user to quickly set up the weapon in a suitable position according to the current state of the field and the needs of the shooter. The unique feature that distinguishes the bipod from the competition is primarily the way of locking the side tilt, which corrects the transverse inequalities. The tilt is infinitely adjustable by up to 20 ° to each side and is locked by a rotary lever that locks the rifle firmly with little force. When the stock on the back leans on the shooting bag (which is also in the company's offer), so the gun does not move. The patented top pivot system ensures that the bipod does not come loose when shooting .50 BMG calibers.



The individual legs are finished with a wide, shaped plate, which prevents the feet from sinking into the soft ground, and has inclined front surfaces, so that they lean well against the ground even when shooting downhill or buildings at an angle downward.


The height is adjusted in increments of 5 degrees, ranging from 165 mm for low-range shooting up to 230 mm for high-range shooting, when the shooters are annoyed by grass or other obstacles.


For shooting from an extra low position, the legs can be folded forward by 45 ° and thus lower the weapon by another approximately 10 cm. In case of movement, the legs can be fully folded to the front transport position.


When you need to attach a bipod to a rifle, you usually run into a problem with how to do it. If you have a weapon that allows any of the standard methods at the bottom, you just put on the bipod and lock it. There are four possible Weaver, M-LOK, KEYMOD and UIT fixation methods available for rigid connection to the weapon. If you have a rifle without a standard bar, you must use one of the selected adapters, which you first screw on the foregrip.


Bipod TK3 by Tactical Evo is one of the best and most reliable in this category. And since the business owners themselves are active shooters, they also go through a process of constant testing under any conditions. Winter, rain, high temperature, mud can quickly check any equipment. It is generally known that the shooting tip is balanced and the order of competitions is decided by the details and if you want to achieve consistently high performance, then these little things decide about success or failure.

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